The impactmania interviews of the last three years!

Read the original interviews with ambassadors, designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, nonprofit leaders, and hundreds of people in your backyard who drive cultural, social, and economic impact.

Here are some examples:

Intel Corp’s Chief Diversity Officer
French Ambassador to Ukraine
adidas Senior Director
Pepsi Co Design Director
Grammy-award winning musician
Turkish renowned business family 
Activist and Law maker, Brazil
Economist and economic advisor to first President of the Czech Republic
Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN
Robot maker, co-founder
Musician Wynton Marsalis, interview I and II
British Council, Head of Global Social Enterprise program, UK
Neuroscientist and former President and CEO, Kavli Foundation
Mayor of Silba, Croatia
Managing Director of Berlin Phil Media, Berliner Philharmoniker, Germany
Executive Director, Van Gogh Museum, the Netherlands
Hollywood Film Director
Oceanographer…and many others.

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