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we (un-)cover change makers and connect people to collaborate on projects that drive cultural, social, and economic impact


impactmania has interviewed hundreds of change makers in 30+ countries, including:


Duncan Mellichamp, Professor Emeritus

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, CEO Pacific Air Industries

Anne Smith Towbes, Community Leader

Award-winning artists:

Marcel Wanders, Designer

Suzanne Lacy, Social Practice Artist

Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Musician and Grammy Award Winner

Corporate Leaders:

Jeff Henley, Vice Chairman - Oracle Corp.

Teresa Herd, Vice President - Global Creative Direction at Intel

Barbara Whye, Chief Diversity Officer at Intel

Liz Callow, Adidas

Fumi James, Pepsi Co

Academic and Nonprofit Leaders:

Alex Rüger, Executive Director, Van Gogh Museum

Robert Zimmermann, General Manager, Berlin Philharmonic

Tresa Pollock, Scientist and Chair - Materials Research Lab, UCSB

Miyoung Chun, U.S. BRAIN Initiative lead and Former CEO, Kavli Foundation

impactmania has profiled 300+ change makers from 30+ countries representing $1.9 trillion. A number of our interviews have been featured in international media, universities, U.S. Consulates, U.S. Embassy and the United Nations.

impactmania offers interview services for individuals and organizations. It includes a 50 min. personal interview, transcription, editing, design per impactmania template, and delivery in electronic format (.pdf), video, or uploaded on your own website. 

Email [email protected] for more information.

Intel_Barbara Whye_impactmania-

Barbara Whye, CDO at Intel

Wynton Marsalis_interview_Impact X

Wynton Marsalis, 9-time Grammy Award winner

Sylvia Earle_interview_Impact X

Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, National Geographic explorer-in-residence

We also produce video interviews. The following impactmania video story went on to be featured at the United Nations: Jaipur Rugs .

Why an impactmania interview? An interview is a powerful way to explain your ideas, vision, products, and services.

The interview process also provides an opportunity to share your message unfiltered by the media or third-parties.

Interviewees have credited their impactmania interviews for help securing a commencement speech; speaking engagements; fundraising; strategic partnerships; and attracting new clients.

A number of impactmania interviewees have gone on to be covered in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Departures Magazine, United Nations, U.S. Consulates, the White House. impactmania interviews have been cited by Harvard Business School, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Duke University Press, UCSB, USC, SFSU, PNCA, etc.


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women of impact

Our annual impactmania’s Women of Impact event consists of a public meeting; closed meetings for members; and pre-scheduled private meetings.

July 2021 | Milano, FVG, Dolomites, Italy

November 2019 | Auckland, New Zealand

July 2018 | Santa Barbara, CA

impact makers X

May 2015 | Santa Barbara, CA

impactmania events have been attended by thousands of people, including a Nobel Peace Prize nominee; Chair Federal Commission on Long Term Health Care; MacArthur Fellow; Women Hall of Fame inductee; Emmy winner; Mayor of Santa Barbara; Baroness; VP Intel; ABC TV Senior Producer; artists; scientists; entrepreneurs; philanthropists; etc.

women of impact
New Zealand

We were invited by the U.S. Consulate to organize Women of Impact New Zealand! On November 3, 2019 the U.S. Consulate General welcomed Women of Impact at the Residence in Auckland. On November 9th, a public event took place to further connect the women traveling to NZ and the public. In between those dates, we traveled and met with organizations and companies across the country.

Meet the Women of Impact – New Zealand


custom programs

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impactmania conceives interdisciplinary projects focused on societal themes. We have advised and realized a number of community programs for organizations. Examples:

internship program creation and development

AD&A Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara

impactmania created a new interdisciplinary internship for AD&A Museum students. Selected interns research and formulate projects in collaboration with departments on campus and organizations off campus. The resulting multi-platform projects include original web-content, publications, exhibitions, talks, and other interactive community programs. impactmania’s first collaborative project offered the AD&A Museum a 10x return on investment; broadened the audience to include global engagement; and deepened community relationships.

Zoe Crouzat

“I got to take part in the ‘making of’ Women of Impact. I was honored to be a part of such a big project and to have been able to play a real, tangible role in the exhibition’s development. It was an enriching, interesting, at times challenging experience, that taught me skills I had no idea I would gain when I started the internship.”

Zoe Crouzat (France)
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; Semester abroad at UCSB

Tess Reinhardt

“I was inspired by the organization’s dedication to enacting change in the world while including young people such as myself. Oftentimes, it is difficult to gain hands-on experience researching and building large, influential projects. I feel incredibly grateful that impactmania has created space for young minds to contribute our ideas and perspectives to this effort.”

Tess Reinhardt
History of Art and Architecture and Economics - UCSB

Virginia “Ginny” Reynolds Badgett

“Working on the Women of Impact project is inspiring me to think differently about my own work and empowering me to make my own positive impact on the world! impactmania in action!”

Virginia “Ginny” Reynolds Badgett
PhD Candidate History of Art and Architecture - UCSB

Marirose Meyer

“The internship has helped me form lifelong relationships and connections with people in various fields who are willing to help me pursue my career. Everyone involved in the program want nothing more then for you to grow professionally and academically. It was an amazing experience and I would do it a thousand times again. If you are given the opportunity to be part of the AD&A Museum/impactmania internship program, do not pass it up!”

Marirose Meyer
Anthropology and History of Art and Architecture - UCSB

the future of business is responsible

Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF), India

A video story envisioned, directed, and co-produced by impactmania went on to be featured at the Global Compact Conference (2017) United Nations (UN) and became part of UN Foundation’s EWEC program. A number of connections were established for JRF through impactmania that resulted in global visibility and support for the company.

solutions in science

Material Research Lab (MRL), UCSB

Initiated and developed a public event for 300 people that presented scientific research with cultural, social, and economic impact. The majority of audience members of the inaugural event were invited by and connected via impactmania.

program sponsorships

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We invite you to participate in the following programs: Human Mind & Migration, Women of Impact, and/or Global Social Entrepreneurship / Impact X. 

Your support will allow us to further grow the network and connect people with projects that matter.

AI Hiring Report - impactmania

AI Hiring Initiative with FINDHR funded by the EU

This 4-month project was part of the FINDHR initiative consisting of a dozen universities and institutions across Europe.

Full Report | Website: AI Hiring - EU

Human Mind and Migration 2 - impactmania - 900

Human Mind and Migration

impactmania with the Neuroscience Research Institute, AD&A Museum (UCSB), and others

Website: Human Mind & Migration

Diana Starr Langley_impactmania

Women of Impact

2021: impactmania with NanoValbruna, Italy

2019: impactmania with the U.S. Consulate, New Zealand

2018: impactmania with the Art Design & Architecture Museum (UCSB) USA

The Business of the Future is Responsible_JRF_impactmania_UN - 900

Social Entrepreneurship / Impact X

impactmania with global social enterprises and Newton Paiva University in Brazil