Human Mind and Migration

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The impactmania program Human Mind and Migration (2019-2021) was in collaboration with the Neuroscience Research Institute; Department of Religious Studies; and Art, Design & Architecture Museum (UCSB) and Messaggero Veneto Scuola. The program initiated, created, and managed by impactmania consisted of an interdisciplinary internship program and global partners to deliver a suite of interviews and interactive presentations.

Human Mind and Migration online exhibition (2021) presenting students’ projects

Digital Nomads magazine is available on ISSUU and Amazon (2020)

Program website: (2019-2021)

Considering the present historical moment and its sociopolitical and environmental cocktail of issues related to migration—from the consequences of climate change to public policymaking such as forest fires; rising housing prices; and ongoing threats of human warfare—it is more urgent than ever to provide platforms for meaningful broad-base engagement to take place. We want to help translate and bring into sharper view the rich insights and knowledge being produced in more remote corners of the intellectual/artistic landscape, so that the 7 billion homo sapiens presently living (and migrating) on earth can imagine the most optimal and realistic future for themselves and the planet.

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