Women of Impact, awarded with the U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy grant in 2019, consists of 150+ original interviews with women in 30+ countries, conversations in communities, and an academic internship at Art, Design & Architecture Museum at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

The Program features women from around the world who are driving cultural, social, and economic impact. These stories are often untold in the general media and are left uncelebrated and unsupported while these people and their projects matter greatly to the health and wealth of a society.

Women of Impact Book cover

The Women of Impact book by impactmania’s founder, Paksy Plackis-Cheng and a foreword by first President of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Pat Mitchell, features 130 interviews with women in 30 countries. They all speak about their work and what is needed to drive cultural, social, and economic impact. Now Available: eBook or Softcover

“Amazing project that truly highlights the accomplishments of women today. The spectrum of women selected for this elite group is remarkable. In my opinion, the most remarkable part is how much all these women, young and old, have a sincere desire to impact the world in a positive way.”

The Women of Impact museum exhibition underscores some of the featured women’s contributions through audio/visual installations. Additionally, there are opportunities for the public to add their own voice. Learn More

The Women of Impact presentation complements the program and includes women featured in the book from eight U.S. Cities and five Continents! Video | Complete Event Coverage

Program Objectives

  • Visualize and acknowledge women’s work

  • Connect profiled ‘women of impact’ with the community-at-large

  • Match people and projects

  • Support women’s personal and professional goals

Program Value
impactmania realized for the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) – Art Design & Architecture Museum:

  • 10x return in value on the Museum’s investment in 6 months

  • Broadened the audience and donor circle for the Museum

  • Attracted museum audience in 3 hours that topped the peak of Museum goers in a week during high season

  • An entrepreneurial, hands-on, design-led internship for students who gain ‘start-up’ work experiences with portfolio and network beyond the university campus

  • Innovative programming commenting on societal themes created goodwill and involvement from people across the U.S. and from 5 continents participating in the program

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Pat Mitchell

“By creating WOMEN OF IMPACT, a project designed to make global women leaders better known and more visible, Paksy and her team join the vast web of women and men determined to bring balance to the media and historical record. Most importantly, Woman of Impact encourages generations of women to join us and to continue the vital work of revealing the power and potential within every woman.”

Pat Mitchell
first female president & CEO, PBS and co-director TED Women

Duncan Mellichamp

“Double Bravo for the discussion meeting: I was impressed with the people who have joined up, the ones who showed up, and the ones I personally know whom you introduced at the dais. You obviously have tapped into some special energy system … keep it up … no one can do it better. You are onto something really exciting.”

Duncan Mellichamp
Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering and Philanthropist - UCSB

Carla De Landri

“WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO GREAT WOMEN ARTISTS? …today is being answered by impactmania in this book featuring women’s stories of creativity, imagination, and leadership not just in art but working in many fields. It will leave a legacy of impact so that women and their vital contributions will be invisible and forgotten no more.”

Carla De Landri
former Senior Producer of ABC News and “20/20”