During the NanoValbruna festival held at the beginning of July, 2020 in the Dolomites, Italy, the school editorial staff of Messaggero Veneto interviewed Professor Francesco Marangon. Marangon is an economist who has focused his interests towards agricultural economics.

The Professor at the University of Udine researches the relationship between economics and environmental impact, thus arriving at the main theme of sustainable development. Marangon is the rector’s appointee for sustainability, and therefore brings the global objectives of sustainable development 2020/2030 within the university world and broader region.

We asked him to explain what the key theme of the NanoValbruna Round Table.

Within the Round Table, in which I also participated with pleasure, it emerged how important innovation in mountain territories is to make it a protagonist in eco-sustainable development. I believe that the NanoValbruna initiative has served precisely this purpose: to open our eyes to the beauty of the region on which to focus in order to revive those areas.

What is a change that you have made in your life to make a difference?

I choose to change my diet by not eating meat and maybe a little fish. I bought a hybrid car and started to use the bicycle much more. I have also tried to be consistent with the work I do.

For more on Professor Maranon’s work: https://people.uniud.it/page/francesco.marangon