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Equity Demands More than Unbiased AI

However, the overriding key recommendation we would have is that the AI field should diversify itself. A diverse and inclusive AI talent pool, especially from under-represented communities would anticipate and build a more equitable system. This will require investment in education, mentorship, and access to opportunities. Only then will we have an environment where sophisticated systems are created by people that represent our union.

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impactmania continues AI bias research in online hiring – EU funded initiative

impactmania is named an expert on algorithmic hiring for the FINDHR group which consists of European universities such as Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and organizations such as AlgorithmWatch and Max Planck institute.

impactmania’s AI bias report out on FINDHR – funded by EU

Widespread hiring practices including algorithmic hiring tools screen out many qualified candidates and artificially constrain the talent pool that companies consider, essentially “hiding” prospective workers. We conducted qualitative and quantitative experiments to test algorithmic hiring tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

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impactmania selected by FINDHR for AI Hiring Initiative – EU

European initiatives such as this provide critical insights and avenues supporting disadvantaged populations, especially migrant women who are dealing with undervalued societal positions. A group continuously facing limited – or loss of opportunities, this while their new home countries require capable and competent workers.

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