Immigration, Trade, and Religion

Human beings tend to think of “culture” and “society” as monolithic realities that can be threatened by the arrival of alien influences. However, the huge or small movements of living beings are an endemic characteristic of life, and changes caused by immigration are a natural and unavoidable process and are the basis of the fluidity of cultures.

Edith Bruck, 11552

my husband even asked me who I was, and that made me sink into my deepest memories, to when I had no name. He was lost. It is no longer a life, if you take away the lucidity, you take away the thought of man, he no longer exists. Memory is everything, memory is life: it is past, present and future, it is everything. It’s existence. 

Foreign Voices

Integration has never been one of the problems. Social media has something to do with this, to have your place in society you have to be sociable. And social media is just being more social. Heni’s integration has been very easy thanks to his sympathetic attitude, so his origins have never been a burden. There have been offenses and there will always be, but when you have people who support you, they count for nothing.

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