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Human Mind and Migration —  Today’s Tools of Integration



The last group of the impactmania’s internship project, Human Mind and Migration, is about A Migrant Genealogy of Naming. impactmania students from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Italian students from Messaggero Veneto Scuola have been collaborating since last December, their work will be featured and presented by the students on a global call on May, 18, 2021. 

Mina Nur Basmaci, a student at the Department of Religious Studies and AD&A Museum, UCSB has been involved in the impactmania’s year-long internship. She had the idea of the naming’s topic under impactmania’s program: Human Mind and Migration. She made a questionnaire where people could answer a few questions about their given names, meaning, and origin. 


Denida Doda, from Messaggero Veneto Scuola, also part of the impactmania’s unique cross-cultural program, already published her interview The Mirror in Between. A special interview with Professor Marco Iacoboni, Italian neurologist and neuroscientist based at UCLA. Denida also interviewed Edith Bruck, Hungarian Jewish writer, who survived the deportation to Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, to better understand what it really means to be anonymous, to have your identity removed, and to be reduced to a number, 11552, in Edith Bruck’s case. 


Caterina Glerean interviewed Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, founder of the Centro di Accoglienza e di Promozione Culturale Ernesto Balducci. The center offers a safe roof and a chance to integrate migrants and refugees, Tommaso Sandri, visual artist and social change maker, whose work combines artistic practices and social promotion through art. Caterina also interviewed actress Aida Talliente who is focused on teatro d’indagine. Caterina interviews showcase how cultural differences are bridged by art. Because art is a language that everyone intuitively masters and could be understood everywhere in the world.


Giulia Pecoraro interviewed Mariana, a 27-years old girl from Syria who is studying Architecture at Polytechnic University of Milano. Mariana will be discussing the difference between higher education in Italy and Syria. In addition to a project in which Mariana is involved in that supports Syrian students in continuing their studies abroad.


Nada El Maazouzi got in touch with Hajar, Heni, and Brahim, of Moroccan and Egyptian origin. The three young people not only connected with their Italian home through social media, but brought different voices to it.


Join us on May 18th to hear directly from the students about this experience participating in the
Human Mind and Migration internship program. On the 18th, we will present a public online exhibition and presentation with guests from all over the world. Students are really excited for this final event and to show everyone their work and findings.


Don’t miss it, May 18th! Logon at 18:00 h CET

Members of the group:

Mina Nur Basmaci (UCSB)

Denida Doda (MV Scuola)

Caterina Glerean (MV Scuola)

Giulia Pecoraro (MV Scuola)

Nada El Maazouzi (MV Scuola)

Alice Scalon (MV Scuola)

Chiara Zanella (MV Scuola)



Martina Chirico was born in 1997 and raised in Cividale del Friuli, in Northern Italy.
She’s pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations and Cooperation Studies at the University of Trieste, after a bachelor’s degree in Oriental languages at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She has always been oriented to internationalization, in 2019 she worked as translator in Chinese language, and in 2020 as event manager in Egypt. She’s currently working as event manager for NanoValbruna, an event that merges sustainability and nanotechnologies, hosting international scientists and experts. She is also working as Italian ambassador for the impactmania’s global internship program, writing updates on the students’ work for the website and social media. Her hobbies are hiking and mountain biking and sports in general.