Foreign Voices

Integration has never been one of the problems. Social media has something to do with this, to have your place in society you have to be sociable. And social media is just being more social. Heni’s integration has been very easy thanks to his sympathetic attitude, so his origins have never been a burden. There have been offenses and there will always be, but when you have people who support you, they count for nothing.

impactmania student internship — The Role of Social Media in Migration

The group is focusing on different people and their relations with social media. Anna De Martin is getting in touch with the NGOs, Still I Rise, United We Dream and Amnesty International: in her interviews she is asking about the main purpose of an organization’s social media communication, how social media is essential to the organization for reaching migrants, and how the approach of the organization toward social media with the COVID-19 pandemic has changed.

Migrants’ Culture: a Precious Heritage at Risk?

Considering all the discriminations — some of them evident, others really subtle — that we observe around us, and the growing predominance of the Western model, understood in all its aspects involving every area of life, isn’t the world becoming more and more closed in on itself?

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