19 People around the World Share How They Prepare for a Post-COVID-19 World

Since its founding in 2015, impactmania always turns to the people who drive cultural, social, and economic impact. We now need their inspiration more than ever. We asked 19 impact makers how they are preparing for the new realities of a post-COVID-19 world.

Monisha Daga has spent the last 8 years running the Angels Network — presenting opportunities for people to use their existing set of skills and resources to help each other create joy and empower those less fortunate. She also co-created The Vintage Affaire, which encourages people to recycle their clothes and household items. 100% percent of the proceeds supported 10 different charities over the past 4 years.

Along the journey, she combined Access Consciousness with the many healing tools she acquired to heal herself from 20 years of chronic fatigue. Today, she is unrecognizable from that recent past. It allowed her to inspire, coach, heal, and facilitate private sessions and small workshops both personally and digitally — choosing NOT to focus on fixing problems, but instead putting the energy on creating joy and greater possibilities.

Paksy Plackis-Cheng in Berlin, Germany caught up with Monisha Daga in New Delhi, India over a Zoom video call on April 5, 2020.


What is your advice for people to prepare themselves for post-Covid?

I learned that when you ask, you will receive.  We are continuously co-creating with The Universe. Questions invite possibilities and awareness into your world. Don’t take my word for it. Ask some of these questions and see what shows up. You don’t have to answer them. Just ask:

  • What is right about all of this that I am not able to see right now?
  • How can I use this situation to my advantage?
  • How does it get inconceivably better than this, for me, my family, humanity, and the planet?
  • What else is possible now? 

Everywhere you put your energy grows. Keep your mind on what you desire, instead of what you don’t. We truly create our world with our thoughts.

The speed of Manifestation right now is almost instantaneous. 

Experiment by making a list of 10 wishes — small and big — that you would love to see show up soon. By putting your thoughts and energy in them, you begin to actualize them. You may be surprised what shows up and how quickly. Once you have your own proof, you may choose to focus more on the beautiful things you desire.

How is this crisis changing you? 

It’s truly been a gift! I live in one of the most populated and polluted cities in the world and the calm, peace, and clean air is something we never imagined possible.

Along with the planet, I feel like I have finally found time to breathe. I am actually enjoying being home and spending time with myself. It’s such a special time for all of us. I wish we could cherish it and see the beauty that lies beneath it all. 

What will our story be post-COVID?

My personal view is that when everything is uncertain, anything is possible. This situation is truly an opportunity for us to together create a new, beautiful reality.

My wish is that we don’t go back to “normal” as soon as possible, but instead forward to “what else is possible.”  A wonderful way to use this time is to learn or do new things that you have always wanted to — they can only contribute to yourself in the future.

What I perceive and believe is that the planet is upgrading. We have been sent to our rooms and all programs have shut down so we can upgrade together and match the planet’s frequency. This is an opportunity for us ALL of us to be greater. I hope we all seize the day!

Along with learning new things, it would also be wonderful for us to upgrade and challenge ourselves with new skills and new ways of thinking. Life post-Covid will be new and unprecedented. Old systems and thought patterns may or may not have much gravity as they used to. It will be the time to truly ask, “What else is possible?” And this is incredibly exciting to me.

The only thing I am certain of is that our planet is healing and correcting 200 years of human abuse in just a few weeks. What would it take for us, the world’s policy makers and organizations, to see the value of GIFTING the planet 3 days of detox by voluntary lockdown each year? Can we consider what that would create?

I’d like to end with something for you to consider. 

What if everything that is happening right now is actually all of our wishes for a better world and reality — just not how we imagined it would? And what would it take for us to have ease with it all?


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