19 People around the World Share How They Prepare for a Post-COVID-19 World

Since its founding in 2015, impactmania always turns to the people who drive cultural, social, and economic impact. We need their inspiration now more than ever. We asked 19 impact makers how they are preparing for the new realities of a post-COVID-19 world.

Jose Poyatos is the Chief Commercial Officer for InnovaGoods, a leading European brand on innovative and trending products headquartered in Valencia, Spain ─ also his hometown. Poyatos started his career as an advertising industry entrepreneur at the age of 22 by starting his own agency. He studied Information Sciences at CEU University and has a Masters in Sales and Marketing from Fundesem Business School. He also joined the Miami Ad School Bootcamp on Account Planning. He is now focused on adding value to the development of InnovaGoods’ business and brand, bringing all his skills and expertise to the table.

April 7, 2020

Paksy Plackis-Cheng in Berlin, Germany emailed Jose Poyatos in Valencia, Spain.

What is your advice for people to prepare themselves for post-COVID?

In the business field, company structures need to be more dynamic. My advice would be to think more about the short-term and transform the big annual plans not only into each quarter, but also into each week. Adaptability and fast reactions are going to be the two keys that will differentiate one company from another.

How is this crisis changing you? 

The initial fear turned into energy to understand the new situation and to position myself and the company strongly by thinking how we can innovate during a time where a “new normal” is being shaped.

In Spain, the virus has affected us very seriously and has transformed the population by helping those who need it most. The support from our first responders and corporations have touched us very deeply and have made us bring out the best versions of ourselves.

On a personal level, I am applying a minimalist way of thinking. It is important to be clear about what is truly necessary to have a fulfilled life with health and happiness. For me, it’s working on projects where I feel productive and face new challenges everyday, and of course, being connected to my family and friends, even if it is at a distance.

What will our story be post-COVID?

From a social perspective, I want to think about what we should learn through this situation. How we can be more proactive while heeding the recommendations of health authorities. I believe this will result in a world where we will be better at providing basic health needs and safety for everyone.

Related to business, companies will change their mindset and will prioritize fast decision making. A common motto in Silicon Valley is, “Fail Fast.” This encourages companies to come up stronger after a crisis, like this one, and inspire them to take risks and understand consumers better. It will be key to make people consider that our brand is honest and that our proposal is more than simply a sale. Both aspects, taking risks and acting fast, while being honest to customers is crucial for companies.


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