impactmania was highlighted on the Italian Rai radio show Giovani E Comunicazione as part of the upcoming NanoValbruna Festival, July 19-24 in Italy!

The original link to the GIOVANI E COMUNICAZIONE show (with the radio segment and summary below). Thank you to our friends at NanoValbruna. See you all in July in the Dolomites mountains!


[min. 33.38 and 33:55 and 39:40]



The organizers of the NanoValbruna festival were guests of an episode of GIOVANI E COMUNICAZIONE (young people and communication). A radio program by Dr. Mario Mirasola dedicated to school, university, and communication.
During the radio program, the relationship between NanoValbruna and young people was discussed, underlining the importance of the latter, considered the actual protagonists of the Festival.

NanoValbruna wishes to “contribute to a global renewal, based on knowledge, scientific research and sustainability, placing young people at the center of the project” according to Annalisa Chirico, the pincipal organizer of the NanoValbruna Festival. Francesca Milocco added: “…presenting science at multiple levels, we build a collective awareness of the necessary change to be carried out, through a local-international double dimension.”

According to Francesca Cercelletta, making young people protagonists means “providing them opportunities, contacts and chances to meet and learn from each other”.

Among the protagonists of the next editions of the Festival, we will welcome students from California to the Festival. During COVID, students from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) together with the students of the Messaggero Veneto Scuola, collaborated in several projects, under the guidance and coordination of impactmania.

This collaboration between NanoValbruna and impactmania, which was born during the inaugural edition of the Festival, clearly demonstrates some of the silver linings of the event, which “allowed to establish not only working relationships, but also bonds of friendship” according to Martina Chirico.