During the Nanovalbruna festival a few students from the editorial staff of Messaggero Veneto Scuola were offered opportunities to interview conference’s participants. Anna Previt interviewed Giulia Grancini.

By Anna Previt

“It is necessary to bring science into local realities and motivate new collaborations”. This is the purpose set by Giulia Grancini, professor of Chemistry and Physics and researcher at the University of Pavia, when she organized the online seminar “Exploring frontier nano-research for a timely transition to green energy and solutions to global challenges”, which was held on July 3rd, 2020 at the first NanoValbruna Festival. 

“Science cannot be sectorial or monothematic but rather interdisciplinary” explains Giulia Grancini, who has chosen to invite leading researchers and world experts with a global vision in the fields of research and technologies applied to the green economy to the Festival’s “Virtual Duets”.

Entrepreneurs Francesco Bonaccorso, Tess Mateo and Daniela Arroyo-Olson, professors Mauro Ferrari, Liberato Manna, Luisa Torsi, George Malliaras, Nicolas Plumere, Nils Bunnefeld, the astronaut Luca Parmitano, and the co-founder of the NanoGagliato Paola Del Zotto Ferrari, interviewed each other to understand the sustainable ways of applying scientific discoveries and nanotechnologies in the economy at the service of the community. 

The online seminar welcomes the possibility of comparison and collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs. “Giving voice to the territory is the first step to walk all together towards the path of research and innovation” according to Professor Grancini who earned her doctorate in Physical Engineering and has initiated numerous collaborations globally that have led her to establish herself as an expert in the field of science. 

Giulia Grancini currently serves as the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) Ambassador of Italy and she is a member of the European Research Council. In addition, she is part of the Young Academy of Europe, a European non-governmental academy of the best young scientists and scholars that provides input to scientific projects and exchanges between the member countries of the European Union.