International Women’s Day video

Listen to some of the 130+ Women of Impact from 30+ countries we interviewed:

  • Liz Callow, adidas (pictured above)
  • Sara Calvo, Living in Minca, Colombia
  • Maria da Penha, activist and federal lawmaker, Brazil
  • Sophie Ali, Intl Children’s TV, Pakistan
  • Lynna Chandra, Rachel House, Indonesia
  • Brittany Teei, KidsCoin, New Zealand
  • Puk Damsgård, journalist, Egypt
  • Suzie Afridi, comedian, USA
  • Lotte de Beer, opera director, Germany
  • Isabelle Dumont, Ambassador France to Ukraine
  • Irina Machitski, architect, Russia
  • Eva Haller, activist
  • Phiona Mutesi, National Chess Champion, Uganda, Africa
  • Barbara Whye, Chief Diversity Officer, Intel Corp.
  • Pamela Hawley, Universal Giving
  • Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, CEO and Chair, Pacific Air Industries, and philanthropist
  • Laurie Ashton, Legal Counsel, part of Nuclear Zero team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  • Anne Smith Towbes, teacher and philanthropist, sings ‘Ugly Ducklin’

impactmania interview is part of a Cambridge Scholars Publication

The interview was already part of Harvard Business School and now is part of a book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing!

impactmania interviewed Robert Zimmermann, Managing Director of the Berlin Phil Media, in 2016. Harvard Business School has cited the interview as a source and four parts of the interview appeared in the book Sound in motion: cinema, videogames, technology and audiences by Álvaro G. Díaz Rodríguez, Autonomous University of Baja California and Enrique Encabo, Professor of Music, University of Murcia, Spain. Sound in Motion is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2018.

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Women of Impact featuring 130+ rebel rousers in 30+ countries is available on Blurb and  The book’s foreword is written by Pat Mitchell, first female President and CEO of PBS and Co-Creator of TED Women!


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