In 2018, Paksy Plackis-Cheng launched impactmania’s Women of Impact program with more than two hundred women. An Emmy winner, VP Intel, Mayor of Santa Barbara, Women Hall of Fame inductee, Dean of Science & Engineering, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, CEOs, a Baroness, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, etc. gathered from 5 continents in Santa Barbara, California.

In 2019, the Program was awarded the U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy grant. In November 2019, the following women from the global impactmania network traveled to New Zealand. The group was welcomed by the U.S. Consul General and a number of women change makers in New Zealand.

Paola Ferrari, Co-founder L’Accademia di Gagliato delle NanoScienze
Lamborghini FUTURE FAB Advisory Board Member

Dr. Miyoung Chun, Co-founder and CEO Alzheimer’s X
Led the U.S. BRAIN Initiative

Marirose Meyer, Anthropologist
Alumna impactmania internship program
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Prof. Kim Yasuda, Artist
Department of Art
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

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Photo: Murray Liddell, Clara N’Diaye, Ben Dallas, Paola Ferrari, Paksy Plackis-Cheng, Jethro Gardiner.

A big thank you to Katia Bassi.