The impactmania programs Women of Impact and Human Mind and Migration are part of an internship program at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). 

The internship program consists of connecting and featuring change makers. This to accelerate solutions that drive cultural, social, and economic impact. In the Digital Nomads magazine, we included a focus on the positive impacts of migrants in the U.S. 


Equality, diversity, and democracy? impactmania has been covering and connecting with people who drive cultural, social, and economic impact for the last five years. The launch of Digital Nomads — featuring people from 22 countries! — concludes the 2019-2020 impactmania internship program at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). COVID made many of us DIGITAL NOMADS overnight — through the means of technology working location independently. It will take collaboration to create a more equitable world — acknowledging and celebrating the positive impacts of those across sectors, industries, and cultures is critical. Support the internship program by purchasing a print copy today. And enjoy a cross-cultural experience from the comfort of your own home.

Digital Nomads, part of the Human Mind and Migration program, was produced with Saehee Jong, Natalie Gomez, Joanne Mun, Laic Beugre, Alex Moon, and Hannah Chua. Interviews with the former mayor of Irvine, CA, Sukhee Kang; Grammy award winner, Ted Nash; Olympian, Beatrice Faumuina; artist, Jason De León; and many others.