Wildlife conservation and biodiversity are about humans —

Enrico Di Minin and his team at the Helsinki Lab of Interdisciplinary Conservation Science (HELICS) are pioneers in using social media data and technology to protect animals and nature. 
The collated social media data form real-time information around wildlife — poaching (illegal hunting and capturing of animals), wildlife products trading — serves to better protect animals and nature, thus in the end, save people. 
In the video interview, Enrico shares what he learned from growing up in Africa and Italy, observing lions in their natural habitat, and how we begin to restore the nature – human balance.

Photo: Enrico De Minin.


Enrico was such a good sport! He carried the heavy wrought-iron chair to our interview spot at the base of the Julian Alps, Italy. 

With Anna Previt, Margherita Scialino, students
Diego Compagnoni, NanoValbruna
Filippo Savoia, videographer
Gabriella Scrufari, Messaggero Veneto
Annalisa Chirico, NanoValbruna
Paola Ferrari, Accademia di Gagliato
Paksy Plackis-Cheng, impactmania

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