Thank you, Pat Mitchell, media pioneer and TED X Women Editorial Director, for writing the foreword to impactmania’s Women of Impact book and sharing it with fellow impact makers! I am grateful for your support and all you do!

“When I learned about Paksy Plackis-Cheng (pictured right), I knew I had found a like-minded colleague.

Paksy’s impactmania shares my core values and personal mission of recognizing and celebrating women whose work and stories deserve greater acknowledgement and appreciation: women with impact, whose legacies should be held as models for future generations.

By creating Women of Impact, a project designed to make global women leaders better known and more visible, Paksy and her team join the vast web of women and men determined to bring balance to the media and historical record. Most importantly, Women of Impact encourages generations of women to join us and to continue the vital work of revealing the power and potential within every woman.”

  • Pat Mitchell

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The Women of Impact print edition will be available shortly.
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