New Zealand

Teremoana Rapley: Singer-Songwriter, Aotearoa Music Hall of Fame

Nowadays there are a lot of people using words like co-design. I remember when I did my first co-design master class. It was a three-day workshop, and I sort of slipped away. I had to find another Pacific person saying, “Isn’t this just what we do normally, or?” “That's what it is?” I was like, okay! I'm doing okay.

Katelyn Choe: U.S. Consul General in New Zealand

My first tour overseas as a diplomat, I went back to the very same embassy, standing on the other side of the windows. I knew exactly what applicants went through to get to that window, because my family and I have gone through the same steps. To me, it speaks volumes about a country where we actually believe that America is no longer a white veil.

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Julia Parnell: Award-Winning Producer and Filmmaker

It is about the work, and it is about the people. Making documentaries is an ill-advised career really, so your heart better be in it!  [Laughs.] It is the lowest budget; it takes ages. Most of the time you are just fishing. You know you are there trying to catch the best shot. You have to really appreciate that privilege.

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