Author, Barbara Greenleaf, Shares her Inspirations

Author, Barbara Greenleaf, Shares her Inspirations


 Barbara Greenleaf Shares Her Inspirations

Barbara is the author of six books and was previously a communications consultant for both corporate America and nonprofit organizations. Barbara’s speeches have been reprinted in Vital Speeches of the Day. Most notably, she is the founder of the Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival.

impactmania particularly love her research and books around immigration, working mothers, and the place of children in society throughout history. She shares her inspirations. 

What are some of your favorite websites?

Three websites I like are HeartsonFire, about today’s social entrepreneurs; Tech50+, about advances in technology that aid everyday living for Baby Boomers; and The New York Times online, as I have gone completely digital.

Who is your favorite impact maker?

My favorite impact maker is David Cygielman, who is singlehandedly making it cool to be Jewish for twenty-somethings around the world. The organization he founded 10 years ago, Moishe House , now has 83 rent-subsidized communal homes everywhere from South Africa to South America, including former Soviet Bloc countries. In exchange for rent subsidies, the young residents provide Jewish enrichment experiences for their contemporaries.

David Cygielman started out in high school doing good works and is now still in his early thirties, I think. Moishe House has 92,000 total attendances at its various events each year! David went to UCSB, and has deep Santa Barbara roots.