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Innovator Daan Roosegaarde on Being Future Proof

Daan Roosegaarde, the global impact maker, designer, and innovator, has made a name for himself  with a number of projects, including the Smog Free Tower that is currently touring China. Roosegaarde speaks with impactmania about how he is preparing for the future.

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City of Rotterdam: Smart City Development

Paula Verhoeven is the Director of City Development of the municipality of Rotterdam. She shares her insights on fostering successful private-public-nonprofit partnerships and how the City is advancing as a Smart City.

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Bobby's Grandsons Find Gin Recipe and Export it to 25 Countries

The half-brothers, Sebastian and David Blom, found a bottle of jenever at their aunt’s home. With it, they created Bobby’s Dry Gin with one of the Netherlands’s oldest distillery, Herman Jansen. Two and a half years later, the gin won the Best Gin of Holland and is available in 25 (and counting) countries. impactmania happily paid a visit to the distillery founded in […]

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Tchai on Redefining the Family Business

tchai, a family business, build retail concepts for global brands such as Bugaboo, Rituals and Teva. The third-generation owners, Kim and Edward Tchai, are currently undergoing an extensive process to take their own company beyond today.

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Gilbert Curtessi on Crisis Driven Innovation

SUGU develops and manufactures products and services for new markets to accelerate the transition to the next economy. Housed in a former gas and coal building, along with eight other companies, SUGU also has a special orange 3D robot printer, which once printed a 7 meters hull for a submarine.

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GRNDPA: Built a Business around Shared Passions

GRNDPA has also produced the commercial for Hello Fresh that is currently airing on Dutch television. Read on to see how three talented friends who share a love for tattoos and tacos built a successful business in two and half years.

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Blake Seven: Start with Six T-Shirts

Michelle Pang (26) and Irene Haast (32) launched Blake Seven with six t-shirts. Four years later, their clothing can be found in 150 stores across 5 countries, including in the hip retailer, TopShop. Their brand manages to appeal across generations, from girls in their 20s to women in their 40s.

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Featured Photographer: Gustav Kiburg — Wildlife in your Backyard

With our eyes on our screens most of our days, we sometimes forget to look at what we have living and growing in our own backyard. Featured Photographer and Sony Ambassador, Gustav Kiburg, reintroduces us to nature.

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