Anne Towbes: Santa Barbara Philanthropist


  1. Betty Hatch 3 years ago

    Anne, this interview gave me new insights to your life and talents. I didn’t know I could admire, like or respect you even more, and I do! Thank you for sharing this interview. You are truly a teacher and your wisdom is valuable to all who get to know you. You made a huge difference in my life when you asked to take me to lunch for my birthday with a few of your friends 16 years ago. Little did we know that the luncheon would lead to monthly lunches from then on, yes, in 2016 we continue! It is lovely to have that history together and I am so grateful to you for getting it started. You continue to make a positive difference in the lives of all who get to know you!

  2. admin 3 years ago

    From impactmania:
    Thank you for taking the time to write, Betty. You are an impact maker yourself. We hope you agree to be featured next!
    Paksy & Melissa

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