Alyse Lo Bianco’s Morning Meditations and Angel Lunch

Alyse Lo Bianco’s Morning Meditations and Angel Lunch

Alyse Lo Bianco’s Morning Meditations and Angel Lunch


Originally from California, Alyse Best Muldoon, now Alyse Lo Bianco, moved to the East Coast to be the White House Liaison for Mrs. Nancy Reagan.

In March of 2008, Alyse’s husband, Joseph A. Muldoon, Jr., and Alyse’s father died of cancer within a day of each other. Her mother had died of cancer several years before. They each endured years of devastating chemotherapy. Since then, she has been passionate about helping others on the path to health and wellness. Apart from being an avid student of health and nutrition, she founded and managed Briarley Health Retreat.

Alyse Lo Bianco received her health minister’s license and is also a licensed Biblical counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

impactmania spoke with Alyse Lo Bianco about her book Morning Meditations and Angel and Devil, a cookbook in collaboration with her new love and husband, actor Tony Lo Bianco.

What was it like working as the White House Liaison for Mrs. Reagan’s Foster Grandparent Program?

For six years I actually volunteered for the Reagans in California because they would come out to visit. We’d have most of the events at the Century Plaza Hotel. Then, I went on doing events for the Reagans on a paid basis back East where I worked with Mrs. Reagan on the Foster Grandparent program and Just Say No program. I planned charity events for her.
I made lifelong friends and had interesting experiences. I was a single mother and I remember thinking: “This is really for younger people.” [Laughs]
Mrs. Reagan was a lovely, lovely person. [Her recent passing marks] an end of an era.

What is a Health Minister?

I was trained in a place where they train public ministers. Hence the title, I know it is unusual.

When I became a Health Minister my goal was not just to help people spiritually, but also to open retreat where I could teach people a total lifestyle. That was with helping with food, exercise, and a closer walk with God. To me that was the whole picture of total health.

Having a healthier lifestyle and exercising is so important. Even here in New York City, I am right on the park, so I am able to do a two-mile walk around the reservoir.

I’ve been trying to eat a plant-based diet, which is becoming more and more popular as people become more and more educated.

Why Morning Meditations?

In 2010, I started writing it. It was more messages from God that I was writing down. It talks about how much he loves us. How he’s always with us in every single thing that we do and never to be afraid.

A lot of this was when I was suffering. It is really a book for people who are struggling and who have suffered loss, are sad, don’t know what direction to go on.

It’s a great encouragement. I read it every day.

Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations

From Morning Meditations, May 1st:

Stillness, peace, quiet.

These are simple words that describe what happens with true knowledge of the gift of My presence in your soul.

Your soul is stilled, quiet and at peace.

The peace and joy I give you can never be compared to any other thing. It is a peace in your soul that knows, really knows, where you came from, and knows, really knows, where you are going. 

The stuff of daily life in the middle is where you experience the pain and sorrow that each of you must bear.

Keep you focus on Me and experience total calmness in your soul, for this world is not your home. I am your home. 

Only through Me can true joy be attained. 

Unbelievers cannot understand. Only when they are ready and I send them the Holy Spirit, will they even begin to think about it. 

Every step taken with Me is a foundation for the next one. Just take one small step at a time. I will not ask you to take overwhelming strides. 

You will have peace in your soul through the best of times and through the worst of times because 

you have chosen Me,
and I have chosen you. 

You and your husband are working together on a cookbook?

Alyse and Tony Lo Bianco

Alyse and Tony Lo Bianco

The book will be called Angel and Devil; healthy food and less healthy food side by side. Italian is his favorite food in the world. He makes the chicken and the eggplant Parmesan. He is a wonderful chef. I’m a good chef on the healthy side. Of course I hope people would do all of mine [laughs] but in reality they’re going to do both.

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