No Signs of Slowing Down: Entrepreneur and Award-winning Author, Jack Nadel

No Signs of Slowing Down: Entrepreneur and Award-winning Author, Jack Nadel

No Signs of Slowing Down: Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Author, Jack Nadel


At 92, Jack Nadel, a decorated World War II veteran, philanthropist, and award-winning business author of The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, written to assist and inspire entrepreneurs on how to attain success in various fashions of business endeavors, shows no signs of slowing down.

Nadel’s passion for innovation in all facets of life drives him to continue sharing what he’s learned to foster entrepreneurship in others striving to reach their goals. He believes that entrepreneurs are made, not born, helping them develop targeted thinking skill sets.

“They all have the ability to get up when they get knocked back down, and they all have a way of getting information that is real,” Nadel said. “All of those that I admire greatly are people who have let their ego go somewhere else.”

Growing up in a poor family in New York, Nadel observed the traits of an uncle who was his impact maker.

“As a child, there was an uncle of mine, Sam, who arrived in the United States as a poor immigrant boy and built a great business and became quite wealthy. He owned a curtain factory in New York City and other major cities,” said Nadel. “He was my image that I wanted to be like – he was funny, he was very charitable, and smart. He was just a good guy.”

The international entrepreneur started his path by joining with a partner to dye khaki uniforms a navy color and then reselling them, back in the days when Asian economic transactions truly felt a world away.

Today, Jack Nadel International celebrates over 60 years in business as one of the world’s largest promotional products companies with offices in 25 major cities in the United States, Athens, Australia, Hong Kong, and London.

He has appeared on various network television programs, including Newsmax and Fox Business, and, for five years he hosted a television show, Out of the Box with Jack Nadel, running from 1996-2001, interviewing legends like Julie Child, Barnaby Conrad, Karl Malden, Rob Reiner, and more.

In his latest award-winning book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, that won five 2013 Global Ebook Awards, including Best in Business, Leadership and Careers/Employment, he details The Nadel Method, a five point plan to success.

Nadel is also a regular Huffington Post contributor covering entrepreneurship and the economy. And, in addition to six business books, he’s also authored a historical fiction novel called My Enemy, My Friend.

The decorated WWII veteran flew 27 missions over Japan as an Air Force B-29 navigator, and maintains a strong link to his past having been a featured speaker for the United States Small Business Administration’s online Veteran Speaker Series, and continues to inspire in many ways.

“I provide courses for veterans, and conduct webinars run by the small business administration for all Veterans who were entrepreneurs or contemplating becoming an entrepreneur,” Nadel said. “Guests were invited to come and ask all the questions that they wanted.”

Nadel later developed tremendous business relationships with Japan, and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan for the official 1988 Presidential Trade Mission to Japan, to assist with trade relations.

His accolades also include a role as the Former Chairman for the Promotional Products Association International (1970), induction into the Promotional Products Association International Hall of Fame (1988), and he was the inaugural recipient of the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation’s new Entrepreneurial Lifetime Notable Achievement award.

“Instrumental in achieving commercial success was the fact that I was virtually fearless,” Nadel said. “My wife Julie says that that after I flew 27 combat missions in a B-29 that I wasn’t particularly worried about losing a few dollars because my life was in jeopardy all the time.”

The accompanying video introduces readers of impactmania to Nadel’s wealth of worldly knowledge, endless motivation, love and compassion.