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Berlin Issue

realities:united - Exploring Hidden Potential

Tim and Jan Edler's work drive meaningful cultural and social impact. The Flussbad, a proposal to create a public bathing area on the river Spree in the heart of Berlin is one of the most talked about projects among Berliners.

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Robert Zimmermann on the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall

Robert Zimmermann, Managing Director of Berlin Phil Media, pioneered the Digital Concert Hall. One of the first paid online subscription model for an orchestra.

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Barbara Caveng’s KUNSTASYL: A Body with Power

Artist Barbara Caveng and her initiative KUNSTASYL involves asylum seekers and displaced persons at Staakener Straße in Berlin. Together they are finding their home away from home.

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Van Bo Le-Mentzel’s Spark-Ups

Van Bo Le-Mentzel’s Spark-Ups BY SEBASTIAN SCHUMACHER The Berlin architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel came to fame in 2010 with his project “Hartz-IV-Designermöbel.” Named after the German welfare system Hartz-IV, the blueprint collection inspired by classic designer furniture aimed to inspire people to build their own furniture.

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Kienzle Art Foundation Asks: "What Do you See?"

Jochen Kienzle, member of one of the oldest clock- and watchmaking family in Germany, commits his life to contemporary art and artists. His goal is to make you feel.

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Marie Le Fèbvre's Impact through Fragrances

Marie Le Fèbvre is one of the approx. 500 Parfumeur Créateurs in the world. She speaks about ethically sourced ingredients and the social impact of fragrances.

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Francesca Ferguson and Berlin City's Development

The festival Make City was founded last year in Berlin to bring new forms of housing and a new set of models for living together. Francesca Ferguson, initiator and CEO of the festival, is driving beyond pure architectural concerns and addressing civil society issues. An interview with impactmania.

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