August Letter

The Amsterdam Issue

Building the First 3D-Print Canal House: Co-founder of DUS Architects, Hans Vermeulen

DUS is currently leading an international team of partners in “research and doing,” connecting science, design, construction, and community by 3D-printing a canal house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Master Designer, Marcel Wanders, Designs To Connect Cultures

Marcel Wanders spoke with impactmania about what design can do in a political and social context. His whimsical design seeks to serve as a new connection between people beyond borders and across cultures.

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Axel Rüger: Living With Van Gogh

impactmania speaks with Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum. Rüger offers some insight on the responsibilities that come with managing such a beloved and impactful organization and what he has learned from “living” with Van Gogh.

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The Refugee Company

The Refugee Company BY PAKSY PLACKIS-CHENG The Refugee Company is an example of why impactmania exists. We focus on people who are doing something about the societal issues we face. Ilse Westerik and Paksy Plackis-Cheng met up with the Refugee Company co-founders Fleur Bakker and Jihad Asad on The Refugee Company’s moving day from their spot next to The Student Hotel on […]

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Jon Lewis: Star Wars' First Trumpet

Soon you will be able to own a trumpet based on the horn used on Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Jon Lewis, First Trumpet for the movie, is working with horn maker Hub van Laar in Limburg, the Netherlands, on a limited edition production instrument based on Lewis's trumpet.

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DUS Architects: Hans Vermeulen is Building Your 3D-Print Canal House

DUS Architects: Hans Vermeulen is Building Your 3D-Print Canal House BY PAKSY PLAKIS-CHENG DUS Architects was founded by Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit, and Hedwig Heinsman. DUS won the prestigious Amsterdam Awards for the Arts 2011. In addition to their artistic and internationally oriented work, DUS was praised for being socially committed.

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Philip van Traa: Gardening on Rooftops

Philip Van Traa, founder of GrownDownTown, has been transforming the rooftops of a number of commercial buildings in Amsterdam. He collaborated with Master Chef Chris Naylor, of the Michelin-starred restaurant Vermeer in Amsterdam, to develop Rooffood, a year-round, higher-yielding roof garden for the restaurant.

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Rachel van de Pol: You Can Be A Superhero Too

A year and a half ago, Rachel van de Pol, ‎Chief Editor Weekend Magazine at the Dutch commercial TV station, RTL Nederland, started saving the world in her free time!

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Marcello Palazzi: Civic & Economic Development

Marcello Palazzi: Civic & Economic Development BY PAKSY PLACKIS-CHENG Marcello Palazzi, Stanford University Fellow; Co-Founder of B-Corp Europe; and Co-Founder of Progressio Foundation, spoke about his longstanding work in pursuit of “civic and entrepreneurial” solutions. Palazzi also offered the keynote presentation at the launch of Impact X, Paksy Plackis-Cheng’s book that continued as impactmania.

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Marcel Jansen: Impacting Your Amsterdam Shopping Experience

Marcel Jansen, the retail advisor for Dutch entities such as Albert Cuyp Market, shopping area in De Pijp Amsterdam, and a collective of flower growers with more than 2,500 members, is now also a shop owner — something that was in his DNA all along.

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