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impactmania students 2018-2019

Award winning program connecting
you with impact organizations

Build Your Online Portfolio and Expand Your Network

impactmania’s founder, Paksy Plackis-Cheng—awarded with the U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy grant and named one of 29 women innovator by PSFK—initiated, created, and managed an internship program for the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

impactmania is now offering a similar mentorship to max. 12 students:

You will receive weekly instructions (one hour session video call)

Monday-Friday online support for your work

Connect with change makers across sectors and industries

Learn to collaborate and co-create with fellow students

Publish your original work

Former students have realized online portfolios, contributed to, and co-created books, an e-magazine, a Museum exhibition, public events, and a 10-day long foreign travel.

impactmania’s work has been featured at the United Nations, U.S. Consulates, universities, colleges, and cited in international media including publications by Harvard Business School, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and Duke University Press.

The program is based off an existing internship that is part of an academic year at UCSB, which is $43,383 ($4,820 a month).
impactmania is temporary offering the month-long program for only $599. You can join us for one month or more.

Sign up today—This time next month, you will have made new colleagues and started your online portfolio.

Check out impactmania’s programs Women of Impact and Human Mind and Migration: and

For more info or sign up: [email protected]

NB: students who are with the Program for six months or more will be considered for a Fellowship awarded by a participating company from the impactmania network. The Fellowship consist of a week-long travel, accommodation, learning with an organization somewhere in the world!

Student comments:

“impactmania’s Human Mind and Migration was one of the most excellent opportunities I could have had as an undergraduate student. I initially, and honestly, started this program to boost my resume, but it ended up being so much richer than that. As an experiential learner, I had the complete freedom to deeply explore and research topics of my own interests on a flexible timeline. I was able to lead personal side-passion projects and turn them into something that I could share with the world. It was also very collaborative, which strengthened relationships among my peers and mentors creating great friendships. For me, Human Mind and Migration was a great autonomous, unique, and independent learning experience that is applicable far beyond any lecture or classroom setting. For the doers and the dreamers, this program is for you!”
– Joanne Mun, Art and Philosophy, UCSB

“I was inspired by the organization’s dedication to enacting change in the world while including young people such as myself. Oftentimes, it is difficult to gain hands-on experience researching and building large, influential projects. I feel incredibly grateful that impactmania has created space for young minds to contribute our ideas and perspectives to this effort.”
– Tess Reinhardt, History of Art, Architecture and Economics – UCSB

“The internship has helped me form lifelong relationships and connections with people in various fields who are willing to help me pursue my career. Everyone involved in the program want nothing more then for you to grow professionally and academically. It was an amazing experience and I would do it a thousand times again. If you are given the opportunity to be part of the AD&A Museum/impactmania internship program, do not pass it up!”
– Marirose Meyer, Anthropologist in California – UCSB alumna

“I got to take part in the ‘making of’ Women of Impact. I was honored to be a part of such a big project and to have been able to play a real, tangible role in the exhibition’s development. It was an enriching, interesting, at times challenging experience, that taught me skills I had no idea I would gain when I started the internship.”
– Zoe Crouzat – Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

“Working on the Women of Impact project is inspiring me to think differently about my own work and empowering me to make my own positive impact on the world! impactmania in action!” 
– Virginia “Ginny” Reynolds Badgett,  PhD Candidate, History of Art and Architecture – UCSB

The impactmania student program is an accelerator innovation hub for students who receive opportunities to connect with existing impact organizations.

Companies are infused with innovative ideas, alignment with other organizations of impact, and become stewards of a more equitable world. and


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