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Emma Tägt in Sweden on a Post-COVID World

I also trust that the majority of my fellow country-men and women are following the recommendations that we are given. We have good public health insurance, and it has been strengthened during the pandemic. This means that you can stay home sick for 21 days without applying for a medical certificate. You will be able to get up to 80 percent of your salary—up to a salary of approx. 3000 euro per month. This makes it easy to follow the recommendation to stay at home, even when you have the slightest symptom.

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Elizabeth Adams in Montreal, Canada on a Post-COVID World

We’ve seen how, in the space of weeks, industry can turn on a dime and innovate to produce emergency supplies to frontline workers in a crisis. I expect we’ll be seeing more innovation in the coming months and years to ensure that our communities, economy, and way of life are better prepared for such extenuating and unpredictable scenarios as the one we’re living now.

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