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Olympian, Beatrice Faumuinā in Auckland, New Zealand on a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 really highlighted some of our strengths and weaknesses. Strong political leadership meant New Zealand has been able to preserve human life, and our country has been singled out as a global leader in our response to COVID-19. However, it also highlighted that some areas of our economy need to improve their digital capability.

Jose Poyatos in Valencia, Spain on a Post-COVID World

A common motto in Silicon Valley is, “Fail Fast.” This encourages companies to come up stronger after a crisis, like this one, and inspire them to take risks and understand consumers better. It will be key to make people consider that our brand is honest and that our proposal is more than simply a sale. Both aspects, taking risks and acting fast, while being honest to customers is crucial for companies.

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Yanling Duan in Davos, Switzerland on a Post-COVID World

Post-virus time I will be stepping out and speaking out more on the business-unusual: respect business for what value it brings to the people and the planet and support its growth according to the natural rhythm. Everything is alive and takes its due time. We should treat leadership development and sustainable business as such as well.

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