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impactmania student internship — The Role of Social Media in Migration

The group is focusing on different people and their relations with social media. Anna De Martin is getting in touch with the NGOs, Still I Rise, United We Dream and Amnesty International: in her interviews she is asking about the main purpose of an organization’s social media communication, how social media is essential to the organization for reaching migrants, and how the approach of the organization toward social media with the COVID-19 pandemic has changed.

Steve Blank on Public Service and Defining the Root of the Problem

But in reality, problems like climate are inherently complex, made by multiple players. And if you dig deep enough, you actually could find that maybe this one piece or these several pieces could be the linchpins of making major changes, rather than trying to raise tens of billions of dollars just doing X or Y.

impactmania student internship – Messaggero Veneto Scuola

This is the first group of the internship project “Human Mind and Migration” in which impactmania students from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Italian students from Messaggero Veneto Scuola are collaborating. Their interviews will be published soon. Between Italy and the U.S., they have monthly calls, and more frequently calls and communications in the subgroup that is working on the topic.

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Steve Blank on Making Meaningful Research Matter in the Marketplace

There's a huge gap between the academics and the practitioners. I think some smart university is going to start a translational entrepreneurship group, working not only on translating their academic research, but maybe going through some of the best papers and pulling out useful things for practitioners.

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