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A New Spring, A New Sound. Listen to 18 Women of Impact.

      International Women's Day video Listen to some of the 130+ Women of Impact from 30+ countries we interviewed: Liz Callow, adidas (pictured above) Sara Calvo, Living in Minca, Colombia Maria da Penha, activist and federal lawmaker, Brazil [...]

impactmania Interviews

The impactmania interviews of the last three years! Read the original interviews with ambassadors, designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, nonprofit leaders, and hundreds of people in your backyard who drive cultural, social, and economic impact. Here are some examples: Intel Corp's Chief [...]

Unite to Light: From Kerosine to Solar Lights

While we are sitting with our lights and screens on until the wee hours, school children in countries such as Ghana are using open-flame kerosene lamps to study. Four hours of their lights emits fumes equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes.

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