Human Mind and Migration

Hannah Jongsma: Is Mental Health of Minorities Related to How They Are Viewed by Others?

What we have settled on is that there seems to be two things: traumatic migration experience; refugees have higher risk of disorder than economic migrants. Second, the pre- and post-migratory social context, for example, people's loss of social status—when people go from a good job to being a cleaner after migration.

TV Producer, Marisa Venegas: Tirelessly Covering Societal Issues

Sometimes they’re educated, sometimes they’re not, but they’re all human beings with lives and stories. Nobody leaves his or her country unless there’s a reason to. You don’t do it just because the US is the best country in the world. You do it because there’s something that’s making you leave.

Eric Fong: People with the Same Race and Ethnicity Also Face Integration Issues

There's a really clear group boundary between those from Hong Kong and those from Mainland. That makes the study more interesting, because you cannot find such a case in other parts of the world. We see that even with people with the same race and ethnicity, they still have to cross boundaries to meet local friends to develop social ties.

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