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Modern Day Dreamers

I didn't go personally because of the virus and being cautious of that. But also because of my status — it could be more dangerous and risky for me in case the police stops me. If that goes on my record it will affect me and my citizenship eventually. I thought about all those things. It was really stressful. I felt like I wasn't doing enough; I wanted to do more.

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Digital Nomads Magazine features 23 Nationalities

For the last 5 years, impactmania has featured change makers in more than 30 countries. For media outlets who are plastering "We stand by you against racism" it is about time you reflect the world in your publications. For all of us: stop buying magazines that do not acknowledge you and your community.  

Finnish CEO Tarja Huuskonen: Dancing To Heal the Brain

For the new impactmania and UCSB program: Human Mind and Migration (HMM), we are featuring migrants who have been contributing cultural, social, and economic wealth and health to their adopted countries. The series Modern-Day Migrants in the Performing Arts explores [...]

First Korean American Mayor of a Major U.S. City, Sukhee Kang

Two incidents of police brutality [Rodney King and George Floyd] resemble their nature of racism or racial bias. The only difference is that the LA Riots severely damaged K-Town in Los Angeles where many Korean businesses were targeted by the protesters, but the current protest has been spreading all over the U.S. expressing their anger of injustice and extreme racism. 

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